Mari Chiara Pezzani

LAnfranchi 10 Marzo 2024

… their allegiance is always to the music itself. Nothing is done without a good reason, but the result is always music, and of a very high quality.          


…difficult to list the qualities of the music and the performers: we’ll just say that the numerous stylistic mottling and the different emotional temperatures of these masterpieces (not simple) are fully realized in excellent phrasing, in the strict and expressive interpretation at the same time, into the rounded sound, the impeccable technique and, more generally, in the aura of elegance and composure of the Duo.

Marco Riboni – AMADEUS

..the contrapuntal lines are clear as glass, the opening mood is jaunty and energetic, the trills are played EXACTLY right, the bass notes are dampened just exactly when they should be, and the end of the study is approached with a perfect balance between the cheerful upper melody and the tricky interior parallel thirds. …


… Excellent playing, of higher professional and interpretative level, with a particular attention to the style problems.

DNEVIK, Novi Sad

… Overwhelming tempos, amused virtusism, remarkable dynamic balance: enough for a very pleasant listening.

Maurizio Giani – CD CLASSICA

… their admirable ensemble, with it’s precise chording, perfectly judged dynamics and exquisite rallentandos, transforms a fairly ordinary piece of music into something quite beautiful. This is art. It is a pleasure to welcome a new ensemble of such impressive talent. They not only have a seemingly intuitive understanding of what is required, but have the technical means to put it into operation.


… great technical ability, intelligence and sensitivity. Concerned with the colors, the harmony, the elegance of the musical phrases, the Trio has proved to be mature and also outgoing.

Ruggero Chiesa – IL FRONIMO

… A variety of moods and an exploration of different musical languages which confirm the talent of the musicians and their stylistic rigour, their sense of humor and amusement ideal for these pleasant transcriptions


…it could not be missed, as an introduction of the poetry dialogue that we did developed, the performance of traditional Japanese music, that touched the audience with the sensitivity of their performance..

Amelia Perilli – GAZZETTA DI PARMA